Following Love Quotes For Men and Women

Love quotes are beautiful expressions of how we feel. They capture the heart, and many times, a better understanding of love is achieved as we are able to share the depths of those emotions. The power of love quotes to communicate our deepest feelings has motivated lovers and spouses to use them in their lovemaking. In fact, some couples have made quotes a part of their wedding vows.

Love is basically an exchange of romantic, passionate feelings which can last a lifetime between two individuals. Love quotes are expressions which can act as portals into the unknown. They help us to discover the unknown dimensions of love. There are other kinds of love which come from deeper inside the mind and hearts, and these are love quotes too. They represent a way to express what unknown dimensions may be present in the soul of the beloved.

Here are some examples of life quotes which help us to discover the love: “My heart was pierced by the touch of a thousand beauty marks, but it is still linked to me by the thread of love.” -avieraels | love quotes | one} “To love is to realize one’s innermost self in others, to love one another.” -samsoniteotes of plato. “There is nothing new in the world except change.” -albert de smet. “Love is only for the beautiful places where we find ourselves.”

Following Love Expands quotes for men helps them to identify the hidden meaning in daily events. Love quotes provide an avenue for men to express their feeling through words and as such are a wonderful way of venting out emotions. However, when expressing feelings is sometimes dangerous or awkward especially if you are not sure about how you feel or where the line between love and hate lies. As such it is always recommended that one follows the advice of love quotes experts and try to figure out where the unknown line lies.

Love quotes for women tell them how to remain in control even when being in love. The quotes suggest women to stay strong in difficult situations and not succumb to the desire of having things done according to her whims. If you are a lady who finds it difficult to achieve this feat, then following the advice of love quotes for women will help you remain in charge. “All that glitters is not gold. The best of intentions can lead to nothing.” -mark nates. To know more about relationships, visit this website at

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